Hesitation Kills

On Monday i was in Nottingham nice lil city in the midlands just chilling with my friends playing some games on xbox so we decided to throw on  COD black opps. Now one of my friends  had never played COD before and was getting killed on a regular basis this lead me to tell him “shoot first  as questions later hesitation kills son”.
Fast forward to today and one of my friends is telling me that he’s missed the chance to get with the girl that he liked now I’m asking him how this came about and hes telling me that hes know this girl for about 7/8 months.   I looked at this guy like  if you have known her that long how can you be in this situation . he told me although he had spent alot of time with her he had never built up the courage to tell her how he felt “well..thats that. You had your chance and you blew it”.
This did though cause me to look back at all the times i had been in the same situation while thinking about this i realized hesitation is a double edged sword although its one of those human instincts that are there to keep you alive  its also one of the things that stop you doing things in the moment hesitation kills spontaneity. Then again we live to learn from or mistakes i guess.

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