Should parents meet everyone you date?

yesterday i read an interesting post on a blog i now follow it was an old post but i had literally found this blog last weekend and was reading a back log of posts. The blog was on NWSO.
The post was about parents meeting  everyone you date from what i read the mother of the girl in this situation has insisted on meeting every guy that the girl had gone out with. Now she did this because she cared and valued the safety of her daughter. Her daughter oh the other hand didn’t want to have to  introduce everyone of the guys she dated to her parents seeing as if she didn’t meet the parents of the guy that  she was dating she felt they weren’t as serious about her and she was about them and then she quickly lost interest in them, she also didnt want them knowing where she lived so early on.
Black Couple Dating
After reading this i asked some of my friends how they felt about their parents meeting everyone one they dated most of them felt it unnecessary unless you were gonna marry the person or have kids with them. They believed it was a big step and could have an adverse  effect on their relationship.
I personally dont mind  if my parents meet the person I’m dating they have meet alot of people who have been in and out of my life my mum is more open with them then my dad he only takes notice when I announce that  im dating someone other then that i guess i could say he knows how it is .
I would hope I would be the kind of parent where my kid wouldn’t mind me meeting every person they date not that I’m going to go out of my way to do so.
meet the parents movie poster

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