Fair and Foul

if all is fair i luv and war
there’s one thing thats not fair at all
if foul is fair and fair is foul
when im in love y dose it wear a scowl
my luv 4 u knos kno end
because i luv u mre den a friends
the luv i feel may not actully show
but i luv u dats all u need 2 kno
are souls are forever intertwined
we think the same thoughts
as if frm the same mind
If I had the choice every time
Id choose that you’d be forever mine
our luv is so pure cant u see
I was made for you and you were made 4 me
my heart is for every your property
I just hope that I can love you properly
My love for you will never change
My heart will forever whisper your name
please tel me that you feel the same
or I can onli hide my tears by standing in the rain
love shouldn’t hide but wen it dose it’s a shame

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