Gold Diggers in the club

Now i said id probably come back from the club last night with a story and boy i fought the whole “miss independent” “put a ring on it” and “single women” movement had put an end to gold digging……. BOY…was i wrong.
Last night i was treated to a front row seat to a master class in gold digging and the poor guy was completely clueless as this happened. Some would say i should have saved this guy but if you dont know your being played then boy that’s you init.
Anyway we was in the club for my cuzins 22nd shout out to her init!
It was me, my boys jay, my three other cuzins and one of their boys. now we were by our table catching a vibe and a bubble when these two women in Little black dresses came over and decided to sit down, we weren’t reli using the table anyway so it was no fuss to us rather it annoyed my cuzin to find two strangers at her table when she came back. Now after they got unhappily moved to the side these girls danced abit then there was one guy just standing against the wall behind them he looked innocent enough. One of these girls saw him proceeded to back it up on him now it became quickly apparent that the guy wasn’t used to this as he tried to catch the whine but ended up more jus twitching awkwardly behind her making faces like he was about to jizz in his pants and more then anything this is what caught our groups attention. After about 2 songs the girl spoke to her friend who made the drink sign with her hand they whispered abit then the friend started egging the guy on to dance with the girl agen .
I think thats what con artists refer to as the bait and after weakly resisting he then took it hook line and sinker it was game over and it weren’t even 1am after one more song this guy was dragged over to the bar where we saw him buy drinks of the girl he was dancing with and her friend.
Now some people might think he saw some kind of intimacy between
her and him but when a woman wont hold your hand but will drag you across the club threw a crowd to a bar holding onto your wrist like your some kind of rag doll you should realize somethings not right. These girls milked him the whole night then even had the nerve to get off wit some other guy in the corner all i could do wa
s appalled good game i aint a hater you got to work with the talents that god gives you.
But man i thought that shit had stopped im not opposed to buying a woman a drink in the club im all for it what i am opposed to is women who go out to the club either hands swinging or with the intention of finding a sucker to fund them for the whole night i mean it shows women in a negative light… i know the aint perfect but damn and im sure theses are the same women who will be talking that ” i dont need a man” ” i got my own” when they are with their girls or ust trying to blow a guy off.

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