Lifes Chaos

poetry in montion turns lyk the tide in the ocean
dnt be decived by what you see life is full of commomtion
the calm b4 the storm the peacce b4 the war
no1 can really kno what life has instore
friends are great friends are good
but if fings go bad y wish for them to be good
do you kno kno what friendship? plz tell me
are the real or are they fake its hard for me to see
some times i feel used
they just want me for what i got or to keep themselves amused
i wounder if i eva had a real friend things like this keep me bemused
but i fing is asuring i am what i am
you cant take that away from me no i think no1 can
so ill play thing game called life
threw the good times and the strfile
coz deaths the next adventure i wounder what thats like ?

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