Lives (the world threw my eyes)

the dance of the twilight
a taste of the highlife
are these the dreams we should look to achive in life
in a world being torn apart by war and strife
for somewhat trivial reasons leaders of the world will throw away the life
of others but do they have the right
to take away other peoples dreams
the world is neva as black and white as people seem
to think but everyones entitled to their own opinion to take that away is pretty mean
but whats more mean is young people are dieing younger and younger before they are given the chance to shine and gleam
in the light of sucsess
they neva go to try their best
to push themselves to the limits and put themselves to the test
whats even worse in that people their own age are the killers
i always knew the streets were mean but this makes that fact even realer
looking in the eyes of those younger then me and seeing the heart of a killer
kids as young as 12 walking round with a 9 milla
but boi im feeling a lil tired its been a long day
but i aint finished what i gotta say
so i hope you’ll cum bk anova tym
so you can hear da second part of dis rhyme

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