Stolen Future

can i please hve a moment of silence
for the 4 black youths killed in 20 dais frm street violence
all i can do is look forward to peace
after all the pain ive seen on these streets
i pray anova life is taken by street tradition
jus so youths can become a gangs new addition
dnt kill of the future of this world that have burning ambition
they could grow up to be a lawyer doctor or politition
so dont do a great wrong by taking their lives thats a great violation
jus calm dwn dont blow your top you dnt wanna be lookin outside from da inside of bas only fing you got to look 4ward to is probation
your lucky a cupple decades ago it cud hve been execution
people lyk you are the reason black youths get persecution
we get labeled the same coz of what you do
jus coz i talk th way you do
or wear clothes da way you do
dosent mean i should be treated lyk you
i wanna be acknowledged for the thoughts and knowledged thats in my head
i define who i am i dnt wanna hve the stamp holligon on my head
so im goin to aspire im going to dream but not the kind of dreams you have in bed
but the kind of dreams that can change the world instead

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