Broken heart

you should kno right from the start
that wen u break a heart
its neva gonna mend coz there will always be a missing part
the place where u once resided
is the peice the ocean of pain washed away even wen the tide has subsided
no one can fully mend a broken heart no matter how much love is provided
dont be rash fink this threw
you dnt wanna abuse the love thats been given to u
wot gose around cums around so it will probably happen 2 u 2
thats why u shud fink b4 u do
love aint a game u onli get 1 chance 1 heart
so at the start take ur stance ovawise you cud see ur dreams ripped apart
every1 has a role so play your part
kno ur role from da start
if ur lookin 2 be da villian its 2 steal da heart not break da heart
if u wanna play hero protect da heart
dnt shatter da heart
hearts dnt cum wid a button dat says restart

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