F.A (Farmville Anonymous)

I have a  confession to make im a farmville addict but im trying to cut back i swear i mean i dont need farmville *breaks out in cold sweat*. Nah i mean it i reli dont * hand starts shaking* oki mayb i need it a little bit  a tiny bit.

This addiction was brought on by my aunt she used to play farmville alot and when i went over used to make me send her things going on farmville slowly slipped into m daily routine and me being a computing student plus the fact facebook is addictive in itself  going on farmville seemed like second nature but soon people started to complain. Like with all addictions people were getting hurt  the people being the people on my time and people who wanted to comment on my wall. they complained  it was spamming their feed there werent any room on my wall to write the usual nonsense but i have now heeded their complaints and taken up blogging to combat this lets see how they like my opinions *smirk*


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