Lifes Like

its lyk my mum says i got my aunt worrying bout me 
saying i aint da same way dat i used 2 be 
not as load 
bit more proud 
quitetly drifting on as if i was a cloud 
so da marg sat me dwn lyks wots reli good 
ask me if ders anyfing i wanna tlk bout cz shes knos if she asks dat i would 
but even i dnt kno whats goin on so i dnt fink i could 
told her it was nothing told her i was cool 
fuk i miss da dais wen i was in high skool 
everyfing was bless 
der was no stress 
looked 4ward 2 each dai full of happyness 
who am i to complain 
when ders people inda world yunga den me gettin slain 
gun crime taking lives quicker den da falling rain 
people wanna say the gouverments 2 blame 
but dey didnt pull the trigga dis aint pass da parcel so dnt pass da blame 
kids fink da life on da steets is fun dat its a game 
afta da fings ive seen even doe ive kept clean 
its pretty easy to see da streets i live on are pretty mean 
i gotta stay on da straight a narrow coz now adays niggas will snatch ur stista 
shes onli 7 i dnt wanna be lookin bk on da memories i hve and be lyk dam i miss her 
dnt cross dat line if u value ur life 
im a nice guy but touch a yunga memba of my family i wnt hesitate to raise a knife 
i kno what resposability is ill own up if i take a life 
all dis gang wars shit aint causing nuffin but strife 
im lookin 2 get off des street dat aint da way i wanna spend my life 
da bois by lyk cum out fuk da work 
but im lyk fuk dat im on da work 
i need da cash imma go get a job do sum work 
having a 9 to 5 aint gonna hurt 
u can run da streets if dats ur way 
risking your freedom wiv every meal u eat a dai 
and ders hungry guys out der i hear dem say 
lets eat dis guy 
lyk hes pie 
take his psp phone and cash fuk it throw sum acid in his eye 
if dats street life dats not me

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