Rainy Days

they say the weather can connect with peoples emotions 
i say wen its raining sum1s heart has been broken 
it dusent hve 2 be coz they were in love sum1 they cared about life myt hve been taken 
their whole body shaken 
they ask questions “why why did they hve to be taken?” 

i love the rain because no1 can see me cry 
i want to be alone i feel so cold i think im gonna die 
the heavens hve opend up for your loss god has begun to cry 
he watching you watching the world as u let it pass you by 
but you make a resolve to live and let die 

vows to live the kind of life that person wanted to live 
and give the way that person wanted to give 
ill achive great things in their name even tho im alone 
and i kno it wont be th same but im neva really alone 
i hve memeries of this person every where i go on roadside, at college and in my home 

ten years later i look back at the tragedy that defined who i am 
i look to my right shocked i say dam 
you ask y im shocked you say you neva left me 
coz you always live on in my memory


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