The morning after the night before

we were talking last nyt and u sed i caused u pain 
we both know who u are so i dnt need 2 state ur name 
but u told me i had dun this agen and agen 
and u dnt kno weather u would be the same agen 

you told me you cant kno where your goin till you kno where uve been 
i told u to close your eyes and jump not everything in life is ment 2 be seen 
one step forwards and 2 steps back i making keepin up wiv u look easy 
but is not as easy as it seems 

we’ve been here a cupple of tyms 
always the same question “whats on ur mind” 
always the same answer “ive told u already ” i was jus trying 2 be kind 
i wanna make u laugh i wanna make u smile a smile lyk ur chears me up all the tym 

they say distance makes the heart grow fonder 
ur goin on holiday will the distance make u 4get or make the pain get stronger 
its sunday morning 10:28 im lying on my bed and these are the thoughts i ponder


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