Leaving (by Kam)

It was suggested that I write a post about leaving, since I’m leaving London to go back to Wolves at the end of the week. Not something I thought I could write about cause the sheer thought of it immediately saddens me! I was asked today ‘what will change?’ my reply…what Won’t change! Independence, things to do, transport system, scenery, atmosphere, way of life. Most importantly, people. Friends. Missing people is one of the worst pains to bare. Although they’re not going anywhere in this case, as time goes on, things Do change, people change. And you can’t do anything about it but watch it happen. Its life.

You can take pictures to remember the good times, and create memories to store in your mind, but there’s nothing quite like seeing friends in person and being with them. A virtual emoticon hug is not a hug. It doesn’t work. It might make you smile but you can’t feel it. It will only make you crave an actual hug from that person you miss. An aching deep inside. All you can hope for is to keep in contact. A worry of mine is that some people are hard to contact without it seeming like your bugging them, or that they’re all talk and although promise to keep in touch, don’t. It’s a two way street and effort needs to be made on both parts. This isn’t always something you can rely on. Its possible to lose good friends through lack of contact. Friends you thought you would always have and talk to despite not being in the same place. Its odd how things turn out. But then there’s friends who give you hope. Special people who might be different. You just never know, so you hang onto that hope.

We’ve got so many methods of communication nowadays, whether its facebook, msn, twitter, skype, bbm, whatsapp, pingchat, liveprofile, texting, calling, email, or even snailmail! Or a carrier pigeon, telegram, 2 cups and string,a reaaaaally long string, yelling, reaally loudly, telepathy if your that good, dream hijacking or through webcam there’s body language convos, interpreting dance, eyecontact… Loool! There’s no excuse really! Just have to not forget, and remember why they are your friend and take the time to keep them in your life. It’s not that hard. It’s not nice to miss but it’s nice to be missed.

So when I leave London this week, I’ll hope they don’t forget me, or have too much fun without me!  And I will be back! Oh i’ll be back….

I’m going to miss you London ❤ 


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