Guys lack of game

I hate watching movies where the male lead has no game what so ever…..Actually I hate watching anyone with no game this was brought to y attention a few months ago when one of my friends said he bad never approached a woman in any context because he expected to meet his wife threw one of his friends. I found it mind boggling  ing that he had gone 20 years of his life with this mentality but it was more shocking when he admited that he thought that it guys that did aproch women where by certain type of guy he said this in a negative way that i just couldn’t understand.
This guy is now currently on a journey to be a PUA (pick up artist) it may sound like a bad thing but he has no ill intentions. He just wants to put himself in a situation where he is comfortable in approaching and interacting with women i bars, clubs and other social areas. Now a few months prior to this I had met a interesting women who said that there are no men with real game no more and that anything guys came with these days was rather weak (i know who better then her to be the female that helped). Her beliefs came from the fact that she believed that guys dont come with anything original anymore. I disputed this as soon as I herd it but she said something that I agreed….. with deep down not that i admitted this to her.  I knew it was true she stated that most guys will use the same approach that has served them well in the past on many different girls never coming up with something new.  I myself have been guilty of doing this as well im not ashamed to admit it. 
I asked a few more of my female friends their opinions on this and they agreed that most guys would say the same things that they had learnt before and this lead to them stereotyping…ahem…categorizing them to be the same as guys they had met before in life.
Since im a guy you might think my opinion is biased but  i honestly dont believe that its ALL guys  fault for not being original or having a better standard of game. I gotta say to women give a guy a chance i mean damn  just co he said something a previous guy did don’t make him that person. We live in a word that tells us these always at least 1 right way of doing things and thats the way it should be done. You gonna blame a guy for going with that thought process that being said. Guys think before you speak you gottta know that your like 1 in 10 other guys have spoken to this women and said all manner of things there aint nothing wrong with being different or trying a new approach.
Thomas Edison said it best ” I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that wont work”  

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