Women Stereotypes (a lil rant )

Ever met a girl talked to her for 5 minutes or so barely scratched the surface of you persona just to hear her say ” oh your that guy”  labeling you before shes really even got to know you. Annoying right?
why do women do that?  good question. I personally think that they do it for no damn reason…. well no good reason. Alot of the girls  ive spoken to about this say that its because of past bad experiences with men. If that’s the case  i rather be in court on a murder charge at lest there im innocent until im proven guilty rather then being guilty right off the bat. Dont get me wrong im not saying men don’t categorize women we just do it differently and at lest get to know you before settling on the appropriate label 
in a way this links back to my post on originality but just because a guy says something that you may have herd from someone that you had a bad experience with in the past dont make them the same.  Lool Right now as im writing this i just got stereotyped and i said something nice  i got the ” i dunno how many girls you copy and pasted that to, but dont try it on me !” . I mean damn a brother was tryna be nice makes me wanna be mean just hand out that cold shoulder.

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