Schrödinger’s cat

So who knows what  Schrödinger’s cat is? those of you who don’t watch big bang theory or who havent studied quantum mechanics will probably have know idea what it is but it more common a thing  depending on how you apply it to your life.

Schrödinger’s cat is an experiment in which a cat is placed in a sealed box with a vial of poison that could break at a random time. So I put it you is the cat alive or dead?

Schrödinger’s answer was that  the cat is both alive and dead until till the box is open and the state of the cat can be confirmed. i hope your still following because i dont actually know if the way im going to apply it to life will work but here goes.

Schrödinger’s cat can be applied to almost everything that would have a good or bad outcome  for  example the question will you have a good night out there exists the possibility for you to have a good night and for you to have a bad night but until you go out  you will not know what the outcome will be.

In most things in life there exists numerous possibilities for outcomes until you actually live the moments you can think of the possible outcomes but realistically no are in about as in control of those moments as you are in guessing  what direction the wind will blow in while your blind folded.

Schrödinger’s cat has been used in a number of tv shows to try a explain a number of things but im gonna have to go with my favourite from dr sheldon cooper in the big bang theory but the one is flashforward is pretty good to.

finally i have to point out that there exists the possibility that you could have herd the cat die in Schrödinger’s experiment isnt that right rhiannon.



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