Should you ever count on people?

Well should you ? The saying “even your own shadow leave you in darkness” comes to mind. Is it really ever smart to count on anyone eventually people always let you down though it may not be through any fault of their own. Human nature is no perfect after all. Psychologists and sociologist may say humans aren’t designed  to de solitary creatures due to the fact that we bunched together to create vast a great civilisations but in those civilisations live people that rely on none but themselves and their own abilities.

Athletes I think  are the best examples of this not the team sports but the singles. They rely on nothing other then their own abilities  but we have seen what can happen when they have people in their lives that they count on when something goes wrong with those people you can see how it effects their performances.

Even when you look at normal people not everyone opens up not everyone trusts easily or otherwise . Its hard to give people trust  since everyone betrays it. I cant honestly say for sure who is  better  off the person who relies on people in their life to support them on the nomad the lives by their own strength. Should you ever count on people? who knows but the safest bet would probably be to count on the fact that everyone lets you down one day.


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