Where do you find creative inspiration?

After the last post wordpess prompted me to write a post with one of three titles. I thought this one was rather interesting.

I think anything that needs creative inspiration has the world and life as a basis to that inspiration. musicians say it all the time when they are asked where they got inspiration for a track from the answer being along the lines of  “I was going through some things as the time” or ” I was moved by the events in some country”.

When you have a blank canvas life gives you the emotions to make what ever you put on that canvas you own masterpiece regardless of how the world perceives it, it is testament to one moment in you life.

I would say most bloggers get inspiration in this way and as they say all bloggers are people who just want to be heard to rather then cry out in a world full of noise they write their opinions and feeling down to be found by people who feel or think the same.


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