What men want according to a woman (By Kam)

What do men want in women?
As a girl I can honestly say I havnt a clue… I can only guess a few stereotypical common things…but what they reaaally want I havnt quite figured out yet….
Guys want a lot of things I think, but in women they want someone who shows them love, affection and attention. Someone he can trust and someone cool enough not to get too overprotective and jealous. Someone who will allow some freedom, and understands guy time and sports time etc. Someone who gets on well with his friends. A woman who shows respect and treats him right. Being a good cook can’t hurt! One who makes a man the best version of himself, and challenges/motivates/inspires him. Then of course they want her to be hot! Or sexy or cute or whatever they fancy. ‘Hot’ varies on taste but they want an attractive woman. One theyr not afraid to be seen with, and one they can spend so much time with without getting bored. A girl who can have a laugh, not take things too seriously. Someone fun and that they can have endless fun with, in every way possible. Someone who can hold a decent conversation and although men hate to feel emasculated by being outwitted by a woman I’m sure deep down its impressive.
Men want a woman they feel a Waant for. Someone they can make happy.
Is such a woman even real? Is this what men even want? Such an odd species…men!

No wait I’m wrong, I just described some men I forgot about the others, I described the idealistic ones but I forgot the men that just want… And Lool this is just my afterthought. Some men want a girl who will have ‘fun’ and be cool with just that alone without getting serious. One who might not mind how many other girls are after/before her. Cause she just wants exactly what the guy wants and nothing more. This man would ideally like a steady stream of hot girls ready to give their number, get to know then whatever else. Someone to ease the pain of boredom or sexual frustration! Then there’s men that want more then one girl at the same time, then there’s some men who want men. Some want casual relationships, some want actual relationships and some want a family. What men want is one thing in the end maybe, but what they want in between is a whole different story.


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