You Cant Save Them All

I read an article the other day that a guy write about the 5 things he would tell his son we he came of  age. One of these things was ” you cant save them all” this one appealed to me. I like the author of the article have tried to ‘save’ many women who had gone astray or tried to show some women just how much they were worth when they didnt know the real value they added to peoples life to no avail and the one thing i learnt from all my experiences is you cant save them all you cant show them all how much they are worth. For you to be able to save them they have to want to be saved, issues like this have been highlighted in some movies wait for the reference….. The incredibles now who so that coming ? But that film did show how not everyone could be save one guy tried committing suicide gets save by a hero then sues the hero for the damage  that he suffered.

This happens in real life people. I call then Disney guys they are caught up in the magic of the world  and believe that it is their job to save every woman that they believe needs saving , I gotta say i used to be one of those guys . The amount of friends that have told me that its not my problem and I should leave the girl to  just do what she is doing is countless. I’ve still got a soft spot for women like this but now since I’ve grown up an matured I understand every woman with problems isn’t my problem i don’t need to solve it. Some of them need to go through that suffering to learn whats best for them or for them to even find themselves. Some a small percentage are just destined to repeat the same mistake throughout life and  never learn from the mistakes they make.

I have always wanted a little brother that i could pass my knowledge onto just like i always wished i had an older one to pass it on to me. One of the things I would tell my son is that he cant save them all but if hes anything like me it wont stop him trying.


2 responses to “You Cant Save Them All

  1. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Appreciate it!

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