What drives you crazy?

Things that  drive me crazy? Well that’s easy here comes the top 3.

1.Women – They have to be number one on the list as if they couldn’t be i mean what man wouldn’t have women on his list. They are the most unpredictable  things on this planet there is no man that fully understands them and Im sure that if we all put our knowledge  we still wouldn’t be able to understand them. My main beef is that they will say one thing and want another but yet they want you to be direct with them.

2.The youth of today – Now Im only 22 but i dread to think that how school kids act these days is how i used to be. I mean damn who let the dogs out in truth! Even the girls are unruly a law only onto themselves but i guess when your that age you see the world differently

3.Guys that cant play the wing man position – I’m not going to go into to much detail with this one as I’m going to be writing a separate post on it but from what I’ve seen recently some guys just ain’t backing their boys. I mean how are you not gonna play wing man when the friend looks better then the one your boys talking to.



5 responses to “What drives you crazy?

  1. HAHA nice. Very nice. I can think about 20 more things that bother me, but I didn’t wanna go overboard. But trust me number 1 and 3 were def on my list. Haha…nice post.

  2. Lmao…I have to agree with the first one. We are hard to deal with and no easily understood. But know that there are some women that will give it to you straight up with no chaser.

    Number 3 is quite interesting tho. 🙂

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