Do you have any friends you regret not keeping in touch with?

Yh there are load of friends i regret not keeping in touch with. Most of them come from my high school(arguably the best years of my life to date) and college years. When i look back at the connections i made with people in high school and compare that to the people i actually still keep in regular contact with the difference is shocking. Its not like technology has not changed the way we keep in contact with people i’ve got most of them on facebook but i dont really keep in contact with these people they are just there.

I’m a person who doesn’t really like to lose anyone in my life so I do try to keep in contact with some people I should just let go of. There’s nothing wrong with that after all these are people you made good or great memories with and its good to be able to look back at those moments with people who were there with you. There is a flipside to this though in life everyone leaves at some point its an inevitable fact so while you may regret not keeping in touch with them you should be happy to have the memories you forged with them.


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