Apparently men are scared of women

I read an article last week that stated that  we should fear things that we don’t understand and in that case since men don’t understand women we must fear them. Sounds like nonsense right  though the article itself was really well constructed with a good factual basis.

I’ve got to fall on the side that yes there are some men that are afraid of women mostly because  they can break you heart and having experienced it myself I can tell you nothing hurts more. The article goes on to say that fear effects how we do everything around women  even how we eat, talk and dress.

Are men scared of women in a sense yes. I mean they say “hell has no fury like that of a scorned woman” we all know that a situation we want to avoid also there is no man that is not afraid of rejection when first approaching a woman but its how you deal with the rejection that is the most important part. Men who cant deal with it are the ones who are usually afraid of women since they couldn’t deal with the feeling of rejection and there are a lot of people trying to cash in on men that are like that. I think its sad that some guys want to cash in on their fellow man but everyone has got to make a living somehow.

Like I said in my post about advice ‘ you should ask someone who knows’ even if a guy is married he don’t know everything about women, your best bet is to ask your female friends generally if you have a lot of female  friends the fear of women lessens since your always around them and interacting with them.


2 responses to “Apparently men are scared of women

  1. This is interesting never really thought about it, and asking someone else is always a good move-not that you should always listen but it definitely helps to clear your own thoughts on the topic! I speak to as many people as possible about anything I think I need help with!

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