A review of my 2011

So the year is nearly up 2012 is fast aproching and according to the mayan calender it will be the last year for us all. while im not always for looking back since i try to contantly look forward I’m going to take this moment to look back at my 2011 and the things that happend.

My 2011 has been like most peoples full of ups and downs. I feel i have grown alot personally and emotionally in this year. I’ve made mistakes like trying the whole no strings attached thing with my ex, i graduated from university to the delight of my parents, got my first real job and ive come to terms with alot of things that have happend in my life. I made decision about what course i want to take in life and where i want to be. 2011 overall has been a good year for me I will be sad to see it go but i look forward to going into 2012 meeting new people and exploring new things.


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