Snow flakes and avalanches

Even one snow flake can start an avalanche an extreme metaphor inspired by the current weather in london. Since we kicked on to 2012 I’ve decided to address one of my  flaws. This flaw was just ignoring problems or just sweeping them under the rug instead of dealing with them at that point in time. Many times have I not done this only for the same issue to rear its head a few months down the line bigger and badder then the last time.

Most successful people in life address everything as it comes.They are dynamic in the way that they do things and deal with problems that inhibit them. Anyone that knows me will know that im a very laid back person, I take everyday as it comes nothing really gets me down and I definitely don’t take things seriously all the time.

Its been my fatal flaw for alot of my life now that i look back and now im looking to correct it. The world isnt as nice a place as my mind would make it out to be , it wont be that easy and at times i wont enjoy it. I will strive to be the best version of me i can be at all times if i do that then i can die a happy man


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