Summer Seasons Greatings

Its summer time here on our side of the pond for a week it will be anyway.

One thing we can guarantee in this week is that the “Winter Wifeys” and “Holiday Season Hubbys” will be  returning to their usual summer antics.

The sun means one thing and that’s skin and lord knows when the skin comes out the thirst is real for some guys moving about like they trying to find water in the Sahara.

Please believe  you will find women(thirst goes both ways) moving in exactly the same way
there have been guys living in the gym over the winter and some girls are more then happy to try and trade up from the guy that has been keeping them warm all winter.

Summer is the season of scandal, sex and hopefully sunshine


Valentines Saps and Romance

So its valentines day I’m gonna play nice since at heart i really am a romantic  but lets be fair #ValentinesTransfirDeadlineDay was trending on twitter yesterday. If were all honest we know there was alot of people making those last minute movements to get someone to be with for today just so they wouldn’t be by themselves. Is that what valentines has come to? Women wanting someone to take them out for the sake of it and men just looking for the women who is just going to give it up.

If were realistic certain guys are taking girls out today spending money on them and at the end of the night its gonna be like suarez and evra  not even a handshake then the next day they will be back in the friend zone.  Remember what chris rock said “women keep their platonic friends around forever, why? because you never know”. Valentines is one of those never know situations,  if shes single she don’t know if she gonna have someone to take her out on valentines while all her friends are with their significant others. Lucky for her she’s got a guy trying to push that transfer request through before the deadline the day before valentines thinking if he can sweet talk her enough and then spend some cash on her hes guaranteed a smash. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. These will be the same guys up in the barber shop  talking that ” i ain’t spending money on no chick” shit every other day. Apparently valentines is a special day that make these guys  go against the things they were saying the previous weekend. Power of the pussy aye.

This isn’t to take away from the people who actually want to spend time with the ones that they love on valentines day the real believers in romance, who just want to see thier other half smile being happy rather then just get it in not that they dont want to get it in . What I’m saying  is what happened to the romance and the magic of valentines day? The fact that valentines  was meant to be about love. When did it start to be as driven by sex as it by commercial promotion?


Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
Robert A. Heinlein



Over the last few days i have herd some of my friends quoting advice from people who aren’t really qualified to be giving advice on the subject. My opinion is that  no advice is better then advice from people who dont know better. No offence to the people giving the advice  but its just how I feel i see it this way you wouldn’t ask anyone but a pilot how to fly a plane, the same should apply when your asking question about situations to do with life love and sex.

Also im not saying those people don’t know nothing but it would be better to ask people with more experience in the subject.

Keep it simple

One thing I’m always telling my female friends is keep it simple. I mean why is it so hard for them to ask the hard question they want to play games and drop hints ” i’m just gonna see what happens”,  yh that’s really going to help if you both want different things from your dynamic. A woman being direct is a breath of fresh air I’m telling you! I mean most of the problems that they are having would be solved with a simple direct question.

If you want  to know something just ask I mean the worst that can happen is that you don’t get  an answer. No guy likes to play games  or beat around the bush, hints don’t work around here. You cant guide us to talk about a subject were not thinking about instead of wasting time trying just cut to the chase

What men want according to a woman (By Kam)

What do men want in women?
As a girl I can honestly say I havnt a clue… I can only guess a few stereotypical common things…but what they reaaally want I havnt quite figured out yet….
Guys want a lot of things I think, but in women they want someone who shows them love, affection and attention. Someone he can trust and someone cool enough not to get too overprotective and jealous. Someone who will allow some freedom, and understands guy time and sports time etc. Someone who gets on well with his friends. A woman who shows respect and treats him right. Being a good cook can’t hurt! One who makes a man the best version of himself, and challenges/motivates/inspires him. Then of course they want her to be hot! Or sexy or cute or whatever they fancy. ‘Hot’ varies on taste but they want an attractive woman. One theyr not afraid to be seen with, and one they can spend so much time with without getting bored. A girl who can have a laugh, not take things too seriously. Someone fun and that they can have endless fun with, in every way possible. Someone who can hold a decent conversation and although men hate to feel emasculated by being outwitted by a woman I’m sure deep down its impressive.
Men want a woman they feel a Waant for. Someone they can make happy.
Is such a woman even real? Is this what men even want? Such an odd species…men!

No wait I’m wrong, I just described some men I forgot about the others, I described the idealistic ones but I forgot the men that just want… And Lool this is just my afterthought. Some men want a girl who will have ‘fun’ and be cool with just that alone without getting serious. One who might not mind how many other girls are after/before her. Cause she just wants exactly what the guy wants and nothing more. This man would ideally like a steady stream of hot girls ready to give their number, get to know then whatever else. Someone to ease the pain of boredom or sexual frustration! Then there’s men that want more then one girl at the same time, then there’s some men who want men. Some want casual relationships, some want actual relationships and some want a family. What men want is one thing in the end maybe, but what they want in between is a whole different story.

Can you be friends with your Ex?

This questions is always an interesting one  because im actually very good friends with a few of my exs. Then there’s the few that i have no communication with at all i still talk to their friends just not them.

I feel that no one will know you better then you ex and then but not even entertaining the idea of being  friends you could miss out on a great friendship after all friends could be the most you were meant to be. Its only gonna work if you establish boundaries. Since the dynamic of you relationship is gonna change if you dont deal with that it will lead to alot of awkward situations further down the line. Any unresolved issues from the relationship need to be resolved  and both parties need to be able  to step back and be happy as a friend for the other.

On the other hand having an ex as a friend could just be a big mistake im all for it but i dont think it is for everyone. It could lead to you repeating the cycle of  getting back wit your ex if either of you have feeling or can end with one of you being hurt unnecessarily.

Its one of those questions with no definite answer just opinions, it varies from person to person and situation to situation

Journey To PUA (Pick Up Artist) By 2 Shots

This weeks guest blog is b 2 shots
I can still remember it….
Couple of months ago…… that one time when i saw this beautiful specimen of a woman, walking right past me, smiling at me, and what did i do, NOTHING
i stood there talking to my conscience, making up excuses why i shouldn’t talk to her “Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she is too busy, maybe i am not attractive enough”.
To be honest, in the past 6 years its been the same story over and over again.
It was killing me inside, but i pretended like it was ok to be shy around women, and that magically the perfect scenario will unveil in front of me. Perfect scenario never came and will never come if i carried on like this
It was a normal afternoon chilling with the guys, we call ourselves the while loop crew. don’t ask me why, busting jokes here and there, but then i don’t remember exactly how the conversation got to the topic that all us guys dread.
i obviously didn’t, as a matter of fact i never had a girlfriend, and i have never kissed a girl. Actually i have kissed a girl in the forehead, but i didnt tell the guys that it was my Mom…. -__-
This caused a huge concern from my mates, and i was given the task to demonstrate in front of them how i would approach a woman if i was interested in her… i started bussing this cheesy pick up lines, but the guys did not agree with my strategy.
This discussion got deeper to the level that i just confessed what i really feel about this topic, i never liked guys who had game, i just thought that the whole concept of approaching girls and getting their number is wrong.. 
I just thought that magically i would find my future wife through a friend or something.
My boys sat me down and explained everything to me. Right there and there i made a vow to myself, that i will dedicate this whole summer to improve my game and improve my success with women.
I started doing extensive reading from websites and books from world renowned pick up artists such as david deangelo and mystery. This shit is complicated, more complicated than I thought it will be. i totally forgot about my exams and went for it hundred percent. Watching tv shows like Keys to the vip ( where two players compete by demonstrating who is better at picking up women) and “the pick up artist”( a reality tv shows where guys who have no game are thought everything about how to be successful with women, and through out the show they become better and better).
I have already read 2 books, and watched a 12 hour seminar. But I still have 50GB of videos and books to read.
THIS IS LIFE CHANGING, IT IMPROVES YOUR SOCIAL SKILLS, IT MAKES YOU A BETTER MAN A CONFIDENT MAN. (watch just the first episode of the pick up artist and u will know what am talking about)
I took everything i learned into my mind, fashion tips, tone of voice, body language, eye contact, speech patterns. 
But it was time to practice this stuff in real clubs and bars
First night out with the while loop crew, usual story , me not being able to approach one single lady, not even one. i went home so frustrated and went through some materials i learned all over again, 
But ever since that night, i am a different man in the bars and clubs, i have made so many female friends and i feel more confident around women than i ever have before. This confidence has transition towards other aspects of my life especially in my field of work.
Right now i am trying to master my bars and club game, after that i will sort out my Day game.
Even in my little experience, i have been able to give advice to other men who have struggles in their life, just the fact that i can teach some one else to be successful and watch them being happy is rewarding.
Hopefully when i write my next blog post my relationship status might be different . who knows, but for now i need to go back learn to become a REAL MAN.