My Perspective of A One- Man Perspective.

Well this post was inspired by a new things. One of them was a post that i saw on one of the new blogs I’m following The Essex Bound London Addict  shes quiet the opinionated person but the blog that inspired me was written by one of the people she met on a social app called blendr.

Zahid the author of the post states that most people are to weak and giving into their desires, that we should be more determined to go against our desires. Well that cant be right in my opinion its got nothing to do with not being able to control your desires. I think its down to the way that people express themselves and their feelings, women don’t see other women acting “loose” and then decide to be the same give them more credit then that. A world where people didn’t give into their desires would not have the advancements that we have today. Some of the greatest minds in history have been great because they gave into their desires to live the way they want or do the things they wanted even when people said they shouldn’t. Can evolution not be describe as one species desire to be better then they are at this moment in time.

I’m going to keep it on the same level as Zahid  though when it comes so sex relationships and interactions between members of the opposite sex. Its not desires that would make a man say to a woman “do you want to see my dick?” I would put that down to a man not being gifted enough to string a decent sentence together but that would be giving them credit there are those who are just twisted  that way. Most statements like that come from guys on a dating or social website who have no real people skills or from women who have no respect for themselves and don’t know their real worth.

Giving into your sexual desires aint wrong, its not a fashion trend  someone didn’t wake up one day and decided its cool nor is their  anyone going around saying this is how you should live your life. If no one is getting hurt whats wrong with it.  Why would you fight your desire for someone your not going to be with someone you don’t desire in anyway in fact most relationships/marriages end because there’s no desire for one an other. Desire provides that spark in a relationship, that want,  that passion love alone aint enough.

To be fair I’m an each to their own as long as you respect yourself how you live your life is up to you. Everyone is allowed their own opinion even if its and opinion on someone else s opinion.


Valentines Saps and Romance

So its valentines day I’m gonna play nice since at heart i really am a romantic  but lets be fair #ValentinesTransfirDeadlineDay was trending on twitter yesterday. If were all honest we know there was alot of people making those last minute movements to get someone to be with for today just so they wouldn’t be by themselves. Is that what valentines has come to? Women wanting someone to take them out for the sake of it and men just looking for the women who is just going to give it up.

If were realistic certain guys are taking girls out today spending money on them and at the end of the night its gonna be like suarez and evra  not even a handshake then the next day they will be back in the friend zone.  Remember what chris rock said “women keep their platonic friends around forever, why? because you never know”. Valentines is one of those never know situations,  if shes single she don’t know if she gonna have someone to take her out on valentines while all her friends are with their significant others. Lucky for her she’s got a guy trying to push that transfer request through before the deadline the day before valentines thinking if he can sweet talk her enough and then spend some cash on her hes guaranteed a smash. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. These will be the same guys up in the barber shop  talking that ” i ain’t spending money on no chick” shit every other day. Apparently valentines is a special day that make these guys  go against the things they were saying the previous weekend. Power of the pussy aye.

This isn’t to take away from the people who actually want to spend time with the ones that they love on valentines day the real believers in romance, who just want to see thier other half smile being happy rather then just get it in not that they dont want to get it in . What I’m saying  is what happened to the romance and the magic of valentines day? The fact that valentines  was meant to be about love. When did it start to be as driven by sex as it by commercial promotion?


Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
Robert A. Heinlein


Perfect Moments

I was watch “take me home tonight” the other night and  the main charter was asked  why he never asked his highschool crush out when they were back in highschool. He replied that he never had his ‘in’ his perfect moment to ask, its a fair answer but its also a big lie people who say that are just afraid to admit out load they were afraid of being rejected by their crush.

Perfect moments in life are a rare occurrence in life. When they do come around they are magical but you shouldn’t be waiting! wasting your life. You can make these moments yourself  Just seize your opportunity, life’s to short to be waiting for perfect moments. Do things that make a moment perfect instead.

Apparently men are scared of women

I read an article last week that stated that  we should fear things that we don’t understand and in that case since men don’t understand women we must fear them. Sounds like nonsense right  though the article itself was really well constructed with a good factual basis.

I’ve got to fall on the side that yes there are some men that are afraid of women mostly because  they can break you heart and having experienced it myself I can tell you nothing hurts more. The article goes on to say that fear effects how we do everything around women  even how we eat, talk and dress.

Are men scared of women in a sense yes. I mean they say “hell has no fury like that of a scorned woman” we all know that a situation we want to avoid also there is no man that is not afraid of rejection when first approaching a woman but its how you deal with the rejection that is the most important part. Men who cant deal with it are the ones who are usually afraid of women since they couldn’t deal with the feeling of rejection and there are a lot of people trying to cash in on men that are like that. I think its sad that some guys want to cash in on their fellow man but everyone has got to make a living somehow.

Like I said in my post about advice ‘ you should ask someone who knows’ even if a guy is married he don’t know everything about women, your best bet is to ask your female friends generally if you have a lot of female  friends the fear of women lessens since your always around them and interacting with them.


Over the last few days i have herd some of my friends quoting advice from people who aren’t really qualified to be giving advice on the subject. My opinion is that  no advice is better then advice from people who dont know better. No offence to the people giving the advice  but its just how I feel i see it this way you wouldn’t ask anyone but a pilot how to fly a plane, the same should apply when your asking question about situations to do with life love and sex.

Also im not saying those people don’t know nothing but it would be better to ask people with more experience in the subject.

Keep it simple

One thing I’m always telling my female friends is keep it simple. I mean why is it so hard for them to ask the hard question they want to play games and drop hints ” i’m just gonna see what happens”,  yh that’s really going to help if you both want different things from your dynamic. A woman being direct is a breath of fresh air I’m telling you! I mean most of the problems that they are having would be solved with a simple direct question.

If you want  to know something just ask I mean the worst that can happen is that you don’t get  an answer. No guy likes to play games  or beat around the bush, hints don’t work around here. You cant guide us to talk about a subject were not thinking about instead of wasting time trying just cut to the chase

You Cant Save Them All

I read an article the other day that a guy write about the 5 things he would tell his son we he came of  age. One of these things was ” you cant save them all” this one appealed to me. I like the author of the article have tried to ‘save’ many women who had gone astray or tried to show some women just how much they were worth when they didnt know the real value they added to peoples life to no avail and the one thing i learnt from all my experiences is you cant save them all you cant show them all how much they are worth. For you to be able to save them they have to want to be saved, issues like this have been highlighted in some movies wait for the reference….. The incredibles now who so that coming ? But that film did show how not everyone could be save one guy tried committing suicide gets save by a hero then sues the hero for the damage  that he suffered.

This happens in real life people. I call then Disney guys they are caught up in the magic of the world  and believe that it is their job to save every woman that they believe needs saving , I gotta say i used to be one of those guys . The amount of friends that have told me that its not my problem and I should leave the girl to  just do what she is doing is countless. I’ve still got a soft spot for women like this but now since I’ve grown up an matured I understand every woman with problems isn’t my problem i don’t need to solve it. Some of them need to go through that suffering to learn whats best for them or for them to even find themselves. Some a small percentage are just destined to repeat the same mistake throughout life and  never learn from the mistakes they make.

I have always wanted a little brother that i could pass my knowledge onto just like i always wished i had an older one to pass it on to me. One of the things I would tell my son is that he cant save them all but if hes anything like me it wont stop him trying.