My Perspective of A One- Man Perspective.

Well this post was inspired by a new things. One of them was a post that i saw on one of the new blogs I’m following The Essex Bound London Addict  shes quiet the opinionated person but the blog that inspired me was written by one of the people she met on a social app called blendr.

Zahid the author of the post states that most people are to weak and giving into their desires, that we should be more determined to go against our desires. Well that cant be right in my opinion its got nothing to do with not being able to control your desires. I think its down to the way that people express themselves and their feelings, women don’t see other women acting “loose” and then decide to be the same give them more credit then that. A world where people didn’t give into their desires would not have the advancements that we have today. Some of the greatest minds in history have been great because they gave into their desires to live the way they want or do the things they wanted even when people said they shouldn’t. Can evolution not be describe as one species desire to be better then they are at this moment in time.

I’m going to keep it on the same level as Zahid  though when it comes so sex relationships and interactions between members of the opposite sex. Its not desires that would make a man say to a woman “do you want to see my dick?” I would put that down to a man not being gifted enough to string a decent sentence together but that would be giving them credit there are those who are just twisted  that way. Most statements like that come from guys on a dating or social website who have no real people skills or from women who have no respect for themselves and don’t know their real worth.

Giving into your sexual desires aint wrong, its not a fashion trend  someone didn’t wake up one day and decided its cool nor is their  anyone going around saying this is how you should live your life. If no one is getting hurt whats wrong with it.  Why would you fight your desire for someone your not going to be with someone you don’t desire in anyway in fact most relationships/marriages end because there’s no desire for one an other. Desire provides that spark in a relationship, that want,  that passion love alone aint enough.

To be fair I’m an each to their own as long as you respect yourself how you live your life is up to you. Everyone is allowed their own opinion even if its and opinion on someone else s opinion.


No strings Attached

This post was brought about by a tweet by one of my friends saying “guys dont like to know they are being used for sex. Why?”.I tweeted back ” like girls do” (l0l) but i did get me thinking sex friends, Friends with benefits, Fuck buddies whatever you wanna call them are they a good thing or a bad thing?
Having sex opens up a box of feelings that you never knew that you had. The real issues is how you deal with these feelings  after you have experienced (good) sex that can cause issues. Some people choose to do it with toys, some with their hands but alot of people tend to look to others that they can use to satisfy themselves when the aren’t in a committed relationship.
As a man i cant say that i have ever had a problem knowing that a woman is using me for sex but i do know a few guys that do have an issues with it but really their issue is more about who is in control of the situation. Men often what to be the person in control and women usually allow us to believe  that we are  when were not. Women themselves have an issue where even if all they want is sex they feel  like they are giving it away unnecessarily(yh  thats why they like to make us work for it even if it means making themselves wait).
There are many ways that the situation of being sex friends can come about. The most common being relationships that never really got started but  where the man and woman involved have a strong physical attraction to each other. I have a friend who had a sex friend on and off for 3 years she says it was great she got it when and ahem where she wanted also got a good friend in the process. This all came about from her wanting more at the start. There are a few women out there who will say that she doesn’t have  enough respect for herself  thats nonsense! Everyone enjoys sex and if you dont your not doing it right just cause you want to have casual sex dont mean you dont have respect for yourself regardless of how it starts. Shes actually happy that it didnt develop into a relationship since she woulds rather have the guy as a friend and dick in a glass box (youtube Chris rock platonic friends).
Sex friends is not something that’s easy to achieve tho both parties  must understand that its physical an nothing more  the film no strings attached is a great example of how being sex friends can go wrong its the usual story friends have sex , decided to have sex on regular basis one gets feelings  now everything is fucked.
Being sex friends requires both parties to be emotionally unattached to the situation and like one of m friends today there is a difference between making love and fucking all it takes is one wrong night and it will spiral out of control.
I had an article read to me about sex friends  it was written by a 22 year old woman who found that she quickly got bored when having sex with her boyfriend and how she wanted lots of sex but  with out the weight of being in a relationship and since her job involved a lot of responsibility it was easier to stay single the message she was trying to get across to women is that it is oki to have no strings attached sex it doesn’t make you any less of a woman or mean you don’t respect yourself .
Ladies dont fall over at this but alot of the men i know are anti sex friends infarct they are anti sex till marriage. The few that have had sex and are  anti sex friends see sex as something that is to be shared in a relationship with feelings involved. This is an admirable and rare  quality among men although one of my female friends did say when a guy shows hes not interested in having sex with her she wants him more i wounder in this is true about other women.   
I think having sex friends depends on the persons involved there’s nothing wrong with it as long as theses a mutual respect between the two parties and boundaries are established. I agree with what one of my friends said in that everyone should have someone they can turn to in they want to. Its safer quicker  and more reliable then a one night stand.
Practice safe sex better wear a latex cause you dont want that late text  that i think im late text  WEZZY!!!! loool cheesy