Rainy Days

they say the weather can connect with peoples emotions 
i say wen its raining sum1s heart has been broken 
it dusent hve 2 be coz they were in love sum1 they cared about life myt hve been taken 
their whole body shaken 
they ask questions “why why did they hve to be taken?” 

i love the rain because no1 can see me cry 
i want to be alone i feel so cold i think im gonna die 
the heavens hve opend up for your loss god has begun to cry 
he watching you watching the world as u let it pass you by 
but you make a resolve to live and let die 

vows to live the kind of life that person wanted to live 
and give the way that person wanted to give 
ill achive great things in their name even tho im alone 
and i kno it wont be th same but im neva really alone 
i hve memeries of this person every where i go on roadside, at college and in my home 

ten years later i look back at the tragedy that defined who i am 
i look to my right shocked i say dam 
you ask y im shocked you say you neva left me 
coz you always live on in my memory


The morning after the night before

we were talking last nyt and u sed i caused u pain 
we both know who u are so i dnt need 2 state ur name 
but u told me i had dun this agen and agen 
and u dnt kno weather u would be the same agen 

you told me you cant kno where your goin till you kno where uve been 
i told u to close your eyes and jump not everything in life is ment 2 be seen 
one step forwards and 2 steps back i making keepin up wiv u look easy 
but is not as easy as it seems 

we’ve been here a cupple of tyms 
always the same question “whats on ur mind” 
always the same answer “ive told u already ” i was jus trying 2 be kind 
i wanna make u laugh i wanna make u smile a smile lyk ur chears me up all the tym 

they say distance makes the heart grow fonder 
ur goin on holiday will the distance make u 4get or make the pain get stronger 
its sunday morning 10:28 im lying on my bed and these are the thoughts i ponder

Broken heart

you should kno right from the start
that wen u break a heart
its neva gonna mend coz there will always be a missing part
the place where u once resided
is the peice the ocean of pain washed away even wen the tide has subsided
no one can fully mend a broken heart no matter how much love is provided
dont be rash fink this threw
you dnt wanna abuse the love thats been given to u
wot gose around cums around so it will probably happen 2 u 2
thats why u shud fink b4 u do
love aint a game u onli get 1 chance 1 heart
so at the start take ur stance ovawise you cud see ur dreams ripped apart
every1 has a role so play your part
kno ur role from da start
if ur lookin 2 be da villian its 2 steal da heart not break da heart
if u wanna play hero protect da heart
dnt shatter da heart
hearts dnt cum wid a button dat says restart

i would loose myself in the darkness to bring you to the light

i would loose myself in the darkness to bring you to the light
we all hve our demons that we must fight
but you dont hve to fight alone look jus listen right
im here 4 u u cant push me away try as u might
so neva fink you stand alone there no reason to fright
if u need me 2 ill come tuck u int at night
be the person to kiss u on on the forehead and say dnt let the bed bugs bite
you dream of being in the dark but ill stand next to u ill be you knight
white shining armour so ill iluminate the darkest night
dnt worry if u go wrong go coz ill stear u right

burdens are easy to carry wen theres someone else there
so its not to heavy coz its something you can share
coz i fink letting you suffer alone just aint fair
with the ppl that care
about you helping out your burden will seem as light as air

but if u need me 2 ill care da whole weight
i dnt need no thanks but if u reli must lets jus go on a date
i dnt kno but dis feels lyk its fate
cz im sure u kno how i feel bout u cz i kno its bait
ill shower u wid complements but ur head wont inflate
but i gotta end this poem at any rate
cz i dnt fink imma get anywhere if im late
but if i am hopefully ull give me another chance with a clean slate

Lifes Like

its lyk my mum says i got my aunt worrying bout me 
saying i aint da same way dat i used 2 be 
not as load 
bit more proud 
quitetly drifting on as if i was a cloud 
so da marg sat me dwn lyks wots reli good 
ask me if ders anyfing i wanna tlk bout cz shes knos if she asks dat i would 
but even i dnt kno whats goin on so i dnt fink i could 
told her it was nothing told her i was cool 
fuk i miss da dais wen i was in high skool 
everyfing was bless 
der was no stress 
looked 4ward 2 each dai full of happyness 
who am i to complain 
when ders people inda world yunga den me gettin slain 
gun crime taking lives quicker den da falling rain 
people wanna say the gouverments 2 blame 
but dey didnt pull the trigga dis aint pass da parcel so dnt pass da blame 
kids fink da life on da steets is fun dat its a game 
afta da fings ive seen even doe ive kept clean 
its pretty easy to see da streets i live on are pretty mean 
i gotta stay on da straight a narrow coz now adays niggas will snatch ur stista 
shes onli 7 i dnt wanna be lookin bk on da memories i hve and be lyk dam i miss her 
dnt cross dat line if u value ur life 
im a nice guy but touch a yunga memba of my family i wnt hesitate to raise a knife 
i kno what resposability is ill own up if i take a life 
all dis gang wars shit aint causing nuffin but strife 
im lookin 2 get off des street dat aint da way i wanna spend my life 
da bois by lyk cum out fuk da work 
but im lyk fuk dat im on da work 
i need da cash imma go get a job do sum work 
having a 9 to 5 aint gonna hurt 
u can run da streets if dats ur way 
risking your freedom wiv every meal u eat a dai 
and ders hungry guys out der i hear dem say 
lets eat dis guy 
lyk hes pie 
take his psp phone and cash fuk it throw sum acid in his eye 
if dats street life dats not me


some times its like im my own nemesis
its lyk it takes over dam i dnt lyk this
wish i could shake this feeling
but its lyk the darkness inside me is creeping
im running 2 da light but im neva reaching
mayb i need sum church and a pastor preaching
yh ill loose myself in the darkness to bring you to the light
but if i loose myself to the darkness will you still want me afta the fight
on da outside its lyk you can tell da difference between us 2
one dark one light
one black one white
one weak one strong
has it been this way all along?
if u wanna kno what hate is ill tell u lyk that
hate is wen you lookin in da mirror and wanna kill whats lookin back

Stolen Future

can i please hve a moment of silence
for the 4 black youths killed in 20 dais frm street violence
all i can do is look forward to peace
after all the pain ive seen on these streets
i pray anova life is taken by street tradition
jus so youths can become a gangs new addition
dnt kill of the future of this world that have burning ambition
they could grow up to be a lawyer doctor or politition
so dont do a great wrong by taking their lives thats a great violation
jus calm dwn dont blow your top you dnt wanna be lookin outside from da inside of bas only fing you got to look 4ward to is probation
your lucky a cupple decades ago it cud hve been execution
people lyk you are the reason black youths get persecution
we get labeled the same coz of what you do
jus coz i talk th way you do
or wear clothes da way you do
dosent mean i should be treated lyk you
i wanna be acknowledged for the thoughts and knowledged thats in my head
i define who i am i dnt wanna hve the stamp holligon on my head
so im goin to aspire im going to dream but not the kind of dreams you have in bed
but the kind of dreams that can change the world instead