Self imposed prisons

Are you really free?  Think about the way you live your life and the things you do. Are you really doing everything  you want to?  Saying the things you want to?

Alot of people hold themselves back they imprison themselves and use external excuses as the factors that a tribute to their imprisonment. I have some friends ends like that and I have often asked them “what’s stopping you?”  or ” why can’t you?”  it’s  simple enough to say well I tried once and failed or I have to do this no one else can but is that really true?  Do you have no one who you can ask to help you that you can share the burdens that you have in life so maybe you can take a rest?  Nice people tend to take everything upon themselves  if something goes wrong they need to fix it or if someone needs help it must come from them. Who helps the nice people though do they ask for help do they really express what bugs them or how they feel are are they to bogged down with bother people’s issue and problems to be able to deal with their owns.  Nice people need to understand sometimes it’s okay to be selfish and look after number one.