Summer Seasons Greatings

Its summer time here on our side of the pond for a week it will be anyway.

One thing we can guarantee in this week is that the “Winter Wifeys” and “Holiday Season Hubbys” will be  returning to their usual summer antics.

The sun means one thing and that’s skin and lord knows when the skin comes out the thirst is real for some guys moving about like they trying to find water in the Sahara.

Please believe  you will find women(thirst goes both ways) moving in exactly the same way
there have been guys living in the gym over the winter and some girls are more then happy to try and trade up from the guy that has been keeping them warm all winter.

Summer is the season of scandal, sex and hopefully sunshine



They are a vital part of any single mans night out. They Wingman. Now i’ve been going out a lot lately  since i started my new job and i have to tell you the standard of wingmen out here is real poor. I’ve seen some appalling performances from wing men in the last month alone.  I fully appreciate the  how willing my current wingman is but we do it for each other we know if there’s a friend that needs distracting  the other one will do it no questions there’s not even a need to ask.

As an example of poor wingmanship  me and my wingman were out on saturday night   having a few drinks in a bar before we went to the club. We got a few drinks hit the dance floor then proceeded to look for some ladies to talk to as we did this we observed some wingmanship that was so bad we actually fought about first hijacking the ladies from the two guys then secondly just going over and being a proper wingman. This guys wingman was not on the case at all his friend was on the right of him while the girls friend was on the far side to him, looking bored. We all know its not a good sign if the friend is bored it means she likely to pull her friend away or tell her she wants to move because no one wants to be the third wheel just hanging on the edge. It was a shocking display from the friend! I mean if two guys go out on the town its assumed that they would both be able to play the wingman role for the other. I couldnt belive it.

Heres a list of a few traits i belive every good wingman should have

  • He understands his mission

A good wingman will give you first choice on a group of girls when you go over to them. He will then start to keep the other one entertained regardless of his interest in her. A good wingman is able to do this with minimal effort.

  • He keeps you presentable

Your wingman should be looking out for you all night. Making sure you dont drink too much and start acting the fool, telling you if your breath is kicking or if you have something on your face . He’s making sure the attention to attract  to yourself is the right kind.

  • He Understands you

You and your wingman have been around each other loads of times so verbal communication isnt needed anymore a simple look or the way you start acting is enough to pass a message on. Even the use of certain words when talking to women could be enough to pass a message on.

  • He prevents cockblocking by running interference 

Its safe to say that in the woman talking to is good looking and will be attracting attention from other guys in the area. This will mean other guys may try to cut into your conversation with her, this is commonly known as cockblocking. You wingman would minimise this by running interference on any other guy trying to get involved while you are and making sure you have the time you need to get the job done.

  • He read the situation

A good wingman is able to read the situation he will know when he needs to jump into the conversation  to move it along and when he needs to back off and let you work your stuff. He is also able to recognize when you are barking up the wrong tree and wont be afraid to let you know that so you dont waste your time with the wrong women.

  • He will sacrifice himself

Your wing man will not be afraid of being shot down by a group of girls. He will initiate on a group of women even if the chances of him succeeding are nill he will put himself on the line for your success. softening up the overall defence of the group so that you can get to the one you want.

  • He Bigs you up

Your wingman will play himself down while elevating your status to the group of women. All the times that you were covered in glory are ready in the forefront of his mind to be retold  to the intended audience. Timing is crucial but he will always have that down to a T.

  • He takes the ugly friend

Sounds mean if your a woman but its how it works unfortunately. If your from the U.K and over the age of 20 you should know the song Butterz Friend .Women do tend to have friends that dont look as good as they do. Its a wingmans sworn duty to take the butters friend, if it is necessary he may even have to take the ugly friend home for the progress of the friend. Its just another way the wingman may sacrifice  himself for you.

i got this

  • He goes undercover

a good wingman is also a great spy. He will go in a gather information for you on the girl that you want, see if she has a boyfriend or if she has bisexual tendencies. He will find out what her turns on/offs are.

  • He pumps you up

A good wingman is a good motivator he will pump you up making sure your confidence is at its peak for the night. He will advise you when to go into action and when to hold back for abit.

I think those are the basic quailties that every wingman should have. Following them will allow you to never let your partner down in he time of need.


Journey To PUA (Pick Up Artist) By 2 Shots

This weeks guest blog is b 2 shots
I can still remember it….
Couple of months ago…… that one time when i saw this beautiful specimen of a woman, walking right past me, smiling at me, and what did i do, NOTHING
i stood there talking to my conscience, making up excuses why i shouldn’t talk to her “Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she is too busy, maybe i am not attractive enough”.
To be honest, in the past 6 years its been the same story over and over again.
It was killing me inside, but i pretended like it was ok to be shy around women, and that magically the perfect scenario will unveil in front of me. Perfect scenario never came and will never come if i carried on like this
It was a normal afternoon chilling with the guys, we call ourselves the while loop crew. don’t ask me why, busting jokes here and there, but then i don’t remember exactly how the conversation got to the topic that all us guys dread.
i obviously didn’t, as a matter of fact i never had a girlfriend, and i have never kissed a girl. Actually i have kissed a girl in the forehead, but i didnt tell the guys that it was my Mom…. -__-
This caused a huge concern from my mates, and i was given the task to demonstrate in front of them how i would approach a woman if i was interested in her… i started bussing this cheesy pick up lines, but the guys did not agree with my strategy.
This discussion got deeper to the level that i just confessed what i really feel about this topic, i never liked guys who had game, i just thought that the whole concept of approaching girls and getting their number is wrong.. 
I just thought that magically i would find my future wife through a friend or something.
My boys sat me down and explained everything to me. Right there and there i made a vow to myself, that i will dedicate this whole summer to improve my game and improve my success with women.
I started doing extensive reading from websites and books from world renowned pick up artists such as david deangelo and mystery. This shit is complicated, more complicated than I thought it will be. i totally forgot about my exams and went for it hundred percent. Watching tv shows like Keys to the vip ( where two players compete by demonstrating who is better at picking up women) and “the pick up artist”( a reality tv shows where guys who have no game are thought everything about how to be successful with women, and through out the show they become better and better).
I have already read 2 books, and watched a 12 hour seminar. But I still have 50GB of videos and books to read.
THIS IS LIFE CHANGING, IT IMPROVES YOUR SOCIAL SKILLS, IT MAKES YOU A BETTER MAN A CONFIDENT MAN. (watch just the first episode of the pick up artist and u will know what am talking about)
I took everything i learned into my mind, fashion tips, tone of voice, body language, eye contact, speech patterns. 
But it was time to practice this stuff in real clubs and bars
First night out with the while loop crew, usual story , me not being able to approach one single lady, not even one. i went home so frustrated and went through some materials i learned all over again, 
But ever since that night, i am a different man in the bars and clubs, i have made so many female friends and i feel more confident around women than i ever have before. This confidence has transition towards other aspects of my life especially in my field of work.
Right now i am trying to master my bars and club game, after that i will sort out my Day game.
Even in my little experience, i have been able to give advice to other men who have struggles in their life, just the fact that i can teach some one else to be successful and watch them being happy is rewarding.
Hopefully when i write my next blog post my relationship status might be different . who knows, but for now i need to go back learn to become a REAL MAN.

Leaving (by Kam)

It was suggested that I write a post about leaving, since I’m leaving London to go back to Wolves at the end of the week. Not something I thought I could write about cause the sheer thought of it immediately saddens me! I was asked today ‘what will change?’ my reply…what Won’t change! Independence, things to do, transport system, scenery, atmosphere, way of life. Most importantly, people. Friends. Missing people is one of the worst pains to bare. Although they’re not going anywhere in this case, as time goes on, things Do change, people change. And you can’t do anything about it but watch it happen. Its life.

You can take pictures to remember the good times, and create memories to store in your mind, but there’s nothing quite like seeing friends in person and being with them. A virtual emoticon hug is not a hug. It doesn’t work. It might make you smile but you can’t feel it. It will only make you crave an actual hug from that person you miss. An aching deep inside. All you can hope for is to keep in contact. A worry of mine is that some people are hard to contact without it seeming like your bugging them, or that they’re all talk and although promise to keep in touch, don’t. It’s a two way street and effort needs to be made on both parts. This isn’t always something you can rely on. Its possible to lose good friends through lack of contact. Friends you thought you would always have and talk to despite not being in the same place. Its odd how things turn out. But then there’s friends who give you hope. Special people who might be different. You just never know, so you hang onto that hope.

We’ve got so many methods of communication nowadays, whether its facebook, msn, twitter, skype, bbm, whatsapp, pingchat, liveprofile, texting, calling, email, or even snailmail! Or a carrier pigeon, telegram, 2 cups and string,a reaaaaally long string, yelling, reaally loudly, telepathy if your that good, dream hijacking or through webcam there’s body language convos, interpreting dance, eyecontact… Loool! There’s no excuse really! Just have to not forget, and remember why they are your friend and take the time to keep them in your life. It’s not that hard. It’s not nice to miss but it’s nice to be missed.

So when I leave London this week, I’ll hope they don’t forget me, or have too much fun without me!  And I will be back! Oh i’ll be back….

I’m going to miss you London ❤ 

Gold Diggers in the club

Now i said id probably come back from the club last night with a story and boy i fought the whole “miss independent” “put a ring on it” and “single women” movement had put an end to gold digging……. BOY…was i wrong.
Last night i was treated to a front row seat to a master class in gold digging and the poor guy was completely clueless as this happened. Some would say i should have saved this guy but if you dont know your being played then boy that’s you init.
Anyway we was in the club for my cuzins 22nd shout out to her init!
It was me, my boys jay, my three other cuzins and one of their boys. now we were by our table catching a vibe and a bubble when these two women in Little black dresses came over and decided to sit down, we weren’t reli using the table anyway so it was no fuss to us rather it annoyed my cuzin to find two strangers at her table when she came back. Now after they got unhappily moved to the side these girls danced abit then there was one guy just standing against the wall behind them he looked innocent enough. One of these girls saw him proceeded to back it up on him now it became quickly apparent that the guy wasn’t used to this as he tried to catch the whine but ended up more jus twitching awkwardly behind her making faces like he was about to jizz in his pants and more then anything this is what caught our groups attention. After about 2 songs the girl spoke to her friend who made the drink sign with her hand they whispered abit then the friend started egging the guy on to dance with the girl agen .
I think thats what con artists refer to as the bait and after weakly resisting he then took it hook line and sinker it was game over and it weren’t even 1am after one more song this guy was dragged over to the bar where we saw him buy drinks of the girl he was dancing with and her friend.
Now some people might think he saw some kind of intimacy between
her and him but when a woman wont hold your hand but will drag you across the club threw a crowd to a bar holding onto your wrist like your some kind of rag doll you should realize somethings not right. These girls milked him the whole night then even had the nerve to get off wit some other guy in the corner all i could do wa
s appalled good game i aint a hater you got to work with the talents that god gives you.
But man i thought that shit had stopped im not opposed to buying a woman a drink in the club im all for it what i am opposed to is women who go out to the club either hands swinging or with the intention of finding a sucker to fund them for the whole night i mean it shows women in a negative light… i know the aint perfect but damn and im sure theses are the same women who will be talking that ” i dont need a man” ” i got my own” when they are with their girls or ust trying to blow a guy off.